検査の種類 料金 (税込) 対象 所要時間
501 Medical & 502 Chest Xray & 705 eGFR 27,500円 15何歳以上 1時間~2時間
501 Medical & 502 Chest Xray 18,700円 11歳~14歳 1時間~2時間
502 Chest X-ray 14,300円 11歳以上 30分~1時間
501 Medical & 705 eGFR 19,800円 15歳以上 1時間
501 Medical examination 11,000円 14歳未満 30分~1時間
707 HIVtest 5,500円 永住ビザ、医療従事者 30分~1時間
708 Hepatitis B 2,750円 医療従事者、妊娠中の方 30分~1時間
716 Hepatitis C 2,500円 医療従事者 血液検査含む方は
715 TB Screening test 7,150円
  • ※所要時間は当日の追加検査や混雑具合により異なる場合があります。あくまでも目安としてご利用ください。





  • ・HAP ID、TRN、Application ID いずれかの健診用個人ID
  • ・必要な検査の種類
  • ※健診用個人IDと必要な検査種類については、ビザ申請時に発行される「Referral letter, Health examination list etc.」に記載されています。
  • ・有効期限内のパスポート
  • ・出発日(日本を発つ日)
  • ・ビザの種類
  • ・日中のご連絡先電話番号







TEL 06-6393-8069

平日・月曜~金曜 午前9:00~午後4:30
  • ※変更・キャンセルは、お電話にてお早めにご連絡ください。

STEP3:登録申請書送信 (お電話にて予約済みの方)

  • ※予約がお済みでない方は、まずお電話にて予約お申し込みください。
  • ※お電話による予約お申し込み後、48時間以内に送信してください。





  • ・パスポート(コピー不可)
  • ※有効期限を必ずご確認ください
  • ・HAP ID、TRN、Application ID いずれかの健診用個人IDが確認できるもの
  • ※Referral letter, Health exaination list etc.
  • ・眼鏡・コンタクトレンズ (501を受診される方で、ご使用の方)
  • ・持病、持参薬などがある方は、お薬手帳及び主治医による英文の診断書。詳細はこちら
  • ※健診当日までにご準備できない場合は、日本語の診断書をご持参いただき、後日、英文診断書をご提出いただきます。
  • ・3歳未満の方は、母子手帳をご持参ください。




  • ・検査着に着替えていただきますので、軽装でお越しください。
  • ※検査着の中は下着のみ着用いただけます。


  • ※結果は受診者様のお手元には届きませんので予めご了承ください。
  • ※結果に異常があった場合、受診者様にご連絡いたします。
  • ※再検査が必要となった場合、後日、再来院いただくことがありますので予めご了承ください。

Medical Examination for Australian Visa Applicants

Osaka Kaisei Hospital is an eMedical enabled hospital.

List of Medical Examination Certificates and Fees
Type of Medical Certificate Fee (including tax) Object person Time Required
501 Medical & 502 Chest Xray & 705 eGFR ¥27,500 15yrs and above 1 - 2hrs
501Medical & 502 Chest X-ray ¥18,700 11 - 14 yrs 1hr - 2hrs
502Chest X-ray ¥14,300 11yrs and above 30min -1hr
501 Medical &705 eGFR ¥19,800 15yrs and above
501 Medical examination ¥11,000 14yrs and under
707HIV test ¥5,500 Permanent visa, applicants engaged service in medical service 2hrs - 3 hrs for applicants having blood tests
708HepatitisB ¥2,750 Applicants engaged in medical service, Pregnant women
716Hepatitis C ¥2,750 Applicants engaged in medical service
715 TB Screening test ¥7,150
  • ※Time required may vary depending on additional testings or a congestion situation.


Medical examinations are by advance reservation only.
Please follow the steps below for arranging your medical examination.

STEP1:Preparing your appointment

  • ・Before making a call with us, you must lodge your visa application, either with the Australian Embassy or via eVisa systems.
  • ・Your health case ID such as HAP ID, TRN number or Application ID
  • ・Required medical certificates
  • ※Your health case ID and required medical certificates should be found in the Examination Referral Letter or the Health Examination List
  • ・Your valid passport
  • ・Departure date
  • ・Type of visa
  • ・Contact number

Opening Days for Medical Examinations

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (excluding National Holidays)

We endeavor to submit your medical electronically within 7 working days. If you are required to have any further tests, it might need longer time for your medical to be submitted.

If you are pregnant or at risk of becoming pregnant, make sure to let us know in advance.

Minors (Under 16yrs) must be accompanied by their parent or by a legal guardian.

STEP2:Arranging your Medical Examination

Tel 06-6393-8069

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm
  • ※Contact us as soon as possible for rebooking or cancellation

STEP3:Submitting a registration form online

  • ※Please make an appointment by telephone before submitting a registration form.
  • ※An online registration form must be submitted within 48hours of booking.

Registration form

STEP4:Medical Examinations are performed at the KENSHIN CENTER in the room No.12 on the 1st floor.

You must present your original passport on the day of the examination.
You may not be able to have a medical examination if you forget to bring the followings or if you are late for the exam.
Please call us if you will be late.

What to bring

  • ・Your valid passport (A copy is not acceptable.)
  • ・The letter from the Australian embassy (The Health Examination List or the Examination Referral Letter which contains your HAP/TRN number)
  • ・Your glasses or contact lenses if you use them (For applicants having 501 exam)
  • ・Any specialist reports in English pertaining to your health (if you have any.)For more information
  • ・A mother-child handbook for under 3yrs (if capable.)

We will take a photo of you.

Glasses, coloured contact lenses, hats or a mask must be taken off for a photo.

For applicants having 501 examination

  • ・Come in a light clothing as you will need to change clothes. (You may be allowed to wear underwear under the gown.)

STEP5:Test results are submitted to Immigration Australia through eMedical by our panel doctor.

  • ※Test results will not be provided to applicants.
  • ※We will contact you by phone if a significant health condition is identified.
  • ※You may be asked to come back in for further tests. There may be additional charges.